Why do You Need a Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

A chocolate wrapping machine is an equipment that you can use in packaging different types of candies and chocolates. With the dynamism in chocolate packaging, you need reliable, high-quality, and efficient chocolate wrapping equipment.

When it comes to chocolate wrapping, Ammar Machinery is a premium supplier of chocolate wrapping machines for all types of bars, tablets, and Neapolitans. Our chocolate labelling machines and chocolate wrapping machines are a byword for innovative engineering and top performance. Whether cardboard or aluminium, and whether hermetically wrapped or sealed for your ultimate convenience where almost any kind of packaging can be done.

Our chocolate packaging machines and chocolate wrapping machines handle your chocolate products with the greatest care at every single stage of the process. The items are wrapped as required in either one, two, or three packaging materials. Ammar Machinery range further covers all commercial sizes. Get in touch today and find out all you need to know about our chocolate labelling and wrapping machines, their different designs, their effectiveness, working principles and other important details and features.

Why You Need A Chocolate Wrapping Machine?

You need a chocolate wrapping machine to assist you in the following functions:

  1. Increasing the efficiency and accuracy of wrapping chocolates.
  2. Increasing the production output of chocolate production.
  3. Reducing the time you spend wrapping chocolate using manual wrapping machines.
  4. Improving the hygiene of the chocolate wrapping as automatic machines cause minimal contaminations.
  5. Decorating the chocolate wrappers and improving the aesthetic value for better sales.
  6. Reducing the employees’ number in the production line as most functions are automatic.

Considering that in a long run, chocolate wrapping machines boost chocolate production and maximize profits. You will save on the production cost by making it must-have equipment in the chocolate production line.

What Are The Most Common Ways Of Chocolate Wrapping?

Some of the most basic ways of wrapping chocolate include:

Foil Wrapping: The machine here wraps aluminium or paper around the chocolate without a heat seal. It is a wrapping method you can employ when you think there’s a danger of heat destroying the chocolate.

Fold Wrapping: It involves wrapping cylindrical chocolates and heat sealing the ends of the seal. In such a case, you will use a heat sealable film like polypropylene.

Twist Wrapping: This involves twisting the ends of the chocolate wrapper to seal it. Here there’s a use of stiff film and cellophane that will produce a crackling sound whenever you unwrap the chocolate.

Pleat Wrapping: The process involves the formation of pleats around the chocolate, and then using a label to seal the wrap. You can use this wrap to wrap circular or non-rectangular chocolate products.

Foil and Band Wrapping: This involves wrapping the chocolate around an aluminium foil first, then wrapping a piece of paper around the aluminium foil.

The choice of chocolate wrapping style will largely depend on the chocolate type you intend to pack.

Types of Chocolate Wrapping Machines:

  • Chocolate Coil Wrapping Machine
  • Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine
  • Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine
  • Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

Buying a reliable chocolate wrapping machine and incorporating it into the chocolate production line will ensure you reap the maximum sale and profit. The machine will add a lot of value to the product package. And here is the good news, you can get a custom chocolate wrapping machine at a good cost.

Why wait any longer?! Get in touch with us and order your chocolate metallic wrapping machine.

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Chocolates Need To be Wrapped: Why?

Chocolate is a delicacy. From small children to adults everyone loves to eat chocolates. Chocolates are available in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. From a small candy to a big chocolate bar all are among the varied varieties of chocolate. Chocolates are present in fruit flavors, dry fruit flavors, and also sometimes a combination of both.

Chocolates fall under the category of packed food products. The major requirement for packed food products is a proper packaging style. There are many ways to pack chocolate and also many wrapping styles. To wrap chocolate machinery is also available. You can easily search for chocolate wrapping machines for sale and buy one if you want to wrap chocolates.

Why Do Chocolates Need Wrapping?

As mentioned earlier chocolates fall under packed food categories. For these packed foods packing is the very essential step. This needs to be carried out very efficiently and accurately. There are many reasons why chocolates need to be wrapped properly. Below mentioned are some of these reasons. Have a look at them to get some knowledge on this:

  • Wrapping ensures the protection of the food particle.
  • Wrapping properly helps increase the shelf life of the chocolates.
  • Wrapping also makes it easy to store chocolates.
  • Wrapping saves the chocolates from germs and microbes.

These are some of the reasons why chocolates need packaging. Manufacturers can take the help of different packaging machines like chocolate foil wrapping machines etc. to wrap chocolates in different styles.

Why Do Manufacturers Spend on Wrapping Chocolates?

Above in the article were all the reasons why chocolate needs wrapping. Wrapping is essential but then wrapping style is also somewhat concerns the manufacturers. Today it is the era of technology and graphics. Before buying chocolate there is hardly any chance that you could taste it.

In that case, most people select chocolates on basis of their flavors. But apart from flavors what attracts the customers towards a new chocolate variety is its packaging style. A chocolate that is wrapped in a unique manner and style is more likely to attract customers. Also, at the same time, the colors and graphics used on the wrapping paper make customers attracted to it.

Chocolates can be molded into different shapes. This is also a technique used to make the chocolate look interesting to the consumers. To wrap the chocolates of different shapes and in different foils, different machinery is required. Manufacturers need to buy different machines according to the type of wrapping they want to carry out.

This is why manufacturers spend on wrapping chocolates well. They know a little investment in wrapping will help them attract customers.

Attracting customers towards the products is the rime aspect to increase the sale of product and make the product reach out to more people. Manufacturers can easily buy machines for chocolate packaging from various sources. Though buying a wrapping machine may require some investment in the beginning but in the end, it will surely bring good profits for them.

Chocolates: All About Wrapping and Packing

Chocolates are a delicacy that is loved by all. Children to adults everyone loves. It may not be the sweetest snack but yet is the most favorite one. These delicacies need to be packed and stored properly for longer shelf life and storage purpose.

The chocolates are wrapped and packed by using the chocolate wrapping machine for sale. These machines wrap the chocolates and make them ready for sale. You must have noticed that most of the chocolate has double wrappings. The first wrapping is op a foil paper which completely covers the chocolate and then is the outside packaging. Also, some of them have got triple wrappings. Between the foil and the outside cover, paper wrapping is also included.

Benefits of Chocolate Wrapping Machines

Chocolate wrapping machines increase the shelf life of chocolates. But there are several other benefits of having a chocolate wrapping machine like:

  • Increases the production output
  • The machine wraps chocolates with more efficiency
  • Reduces manual labor required in wrapping chocolates
  • Decorate the wrappers of chocolates which is a good strategy for sale.
  • Can wrap chocolates of all sizes and shapes
  • Easilyoperatable

Types of Chocolate Wrappings

Depending on the size of the chocolate and the requirement of the manufacturer there are different types of chocolate wrapping machines available. Some of these are:

  • Banding: In this technique, the chocolate is wrapped with a band of wrapping material.
  • Fold wrapping: The chocolate is wrapped with paper or aluminum. It is effective in case the chocolate needs protection from heat.
  • Twist wrapping: In this technique, the ends of the wrapper of the chocolate are twisted.
  • Pleat wrapping: In this method pleats are formed firstly around the chocolate and then a label is used for sealing the wrapper.

These are some of the commonest methods being used in wrapping the chocolate. Wrapping of chocolate is the most important part and if it is not done properly then it can affect the quality of chocolate.

Different Types of Wrapping Machines

Wrapping depends on the shape and size of the chocolate. On this basis, different types of wrapping machines are designed like chocolate coin wrapping machines, chocolate foil wrapping machines, etc. Here is a short description of them.

  • Chocolate coin wrapping machine: This machine is useful in case of wrapping coin-shaped chocolate. Also, this machine makes less noise so it becomes more comfortable for operators to work with this machine.
  • Chocolate foil wrapping machine: This machine is used to automatically wrap chocolate in an envelope manner in the shape of a tablet and of different sizes. Also, since the machine is completely automated it becomes easy to use.

So this was all about how your favorite snack is packed and presented to you.

How Chocolate Packaging Machines Keep Your Chocolate Safe

Chocolates are an all-time favorite snack or dessert that makes anyone’s heart melt and with more varieties and flavors getting invented each day, the demand for chocolates does not seem to be coming down. Taking advantage of this fact, many big players have already made a name for themselves and their brand in the market, and are already recognized as chocolate manufacturing giants, while many other small chocolate factories can also be seen gearing up to serve the retail customer market.

But, like any other food product, chocolate is also prone to get melted, insect infected, or losing its flavor, if not packaged according to the industry standards, and here’s how a technically upgraded chocolate packaging machine helps small chocolate factory owners in getting this process done the right way.

High Speeds and Quicker Productivity

Chocolates are highly perishable and cannot be kept out in the open for long after production. Therefore, chocolate packing machine manufacturers who understand this issue, thoughtfully manufacture chocolate packaging machines that work on high speeds and new technologies like Servo drive and PLC and package the chocolates at almost 135 pieces per minute.

chocolate packeging machine

These machines also have a precision round cutter that gives the chocolate edges a finished look and has the ability to lengthen, shorten and center the packaging paper. On the whole, all these wonderful features of chocolate packaging machines automatically reduce the packaging time and let the chocolate manufacturer get the products out for sale in a short span of manufacturing them, and help in maintaining the chocolate’s quality and standard.

Packaging Multiple Sizes at Once

If a small business owner wants a competitive advantage in the market, catering to a wider customer base becomes highly important. Therefore, producing and packaging bars, small sizes, and big pieces of chocolates, all at once and at fast-paced intervals, will eventually become a requirement if food standards have to be maintained.

But in reality, it is humanely impossible and complicated to individually wrap different sizes of chocolates. This is where, chocolate packaging machines that can store up to 10 different sizes, with a simple calibration process, definitely are an advantage.

Unpaid Memory Keepers

Chocolate packaging by hand and keeping a track of the number of chocolates that are packed is no easy task and most often leads to frustration among workers. Many chocolates also get spoilt in this process and this creates a huge loss for many small chocolate factory owners.

Thus, chocolate packaging machines that sheet, band, and foil wrap a huge number of chocolates, with an integrated solution of keeping a track of the packaged chocolates with ease, act as unpaid memory keepers for a long time in the future.

Thus, chocolate packaging machines not just enhance the chocolate’s overall outer appearance and make them perfect looking, but also increase the shelf life of the product and makes them food market-friendly.

Now that you know all these factors, it is time to adopt and implement the benefits of a chocolate packaging machine in your small chocolate factory. If curious to know more, contact an expert chocolate packaging machine manufacturer well known in the field today.

Chocolate Wrapping Machines That Can Help Your Chocolate Business To Flourish And Grow

Chocolates are extremely delicious and addictive. But it would not be wrong to say that they are really delicate and can melt easily at higher temperatures, attract insects due to their sweet flavor and also can taste and smell differently if kept unwrapped in the fridge or along with other substances that have a different odor.

Therefore, sealing or wrapping chocolates like bars or pieces with aluminum foil, metallic sheet, plastic sheet or paper is safest way to keep it tasting awesome and edible for a long time.

But What About When They are Produced in Bulk?

Wrapping 50 pieces of chocolate, manually by hand might not seem so strenuous. But when the numbers are in 500’s or 1000’s, the job becomes time consuming and monotonous, which in turn reduces productivity and precision.

Chocolate machine wrapping manufacturers understand this problem and produce new models of innovative and technically updated chocolate wrapping machines that small factory owners and chocolate producers can invest in, without a doubt.

To elaborate a bit more, these wrapping machines for chocolates do not burn a hole in your pockets and save you from spending those additional bucks on extra labor.

What Features Can You Expect From Chocolate Wrapping Machines?

Apart from the fact that chocolate wrapping machines reduce the need for additional human intervention and enhance productivity, it also comes with a variety of features that scream out their worthiness in your business.

Some of These Features Include:

  • The ability to lengthen, shorten and center the wrapping paper to wrap any piece of chocolate with ease, thanks to the servo drive and PLC function.
  • Easy calibration that is no rocket science, that guides your chocolate wrapping machines, to store around 10-12 different sizes of chocolates that need to be wrapped.
  • Round cutter to provide the wrapped chocolates a finished and polished look that strikes the eye of the customer.
  • Smaller sized machines that do not take up a huge space in your factory and work on higher speeds that enhance production speed.
  • A counter that keeps a count of the wrapped chocolate pieces so that you do not have to count them individually
  • The ability to sheet wrap, foil wrap or band wrap various chocolate sizes and shapes with perfectly glued edges and corners.

Apart from these smart features, a sheet band chocolate wrapping machine, is beneficial for someone who is artistic and creative and wants to print their own varied designs on wrapping sheets using a small desktop printer to wrap their chocolates, instead of using a common or single design roll for all their chocolates.

Interested! Enquire for More Details

Competing in this fast-moving chocolate production industry is no joke and therefore, it is just not wise but also a practical choice, to invest in one of the helpful chocolates wrapping machines.

For more information about one of the top chocolates wrapping machine manufacturers and the types of machines available in the market, contact us today!

Source: https://ammarmachine.wordpress.com/2021/10/19/chocolate-wrapping-machines-that-can-help-your-chocolate-business-to-flourish-and-grow/

Why Is Owning A Chocolate Wrapping Machine A Real Deal Breaker?

Chocolates these days come in so many types to match different occasions and brands. Some are oval-shaped like the famous Rocher’s, some are shaped like eggs to woe children and adults on special events like Easter, some are pralines and come with a flat base and others are hollow or in form of candies, tablets, and much more.

But, could you imagine these chocolates without a wrapper when you buy them from a store? Maybe not, right?

That’s because chocolate wrappers help people to identify particular chocolate with a particular brand and make that first impression that most of us look for.

Adapt to New Methods

Now that we know the importance of wrapping chocolates, let’s focus on some wrapping machines for chocolates and candies, that help you adapt to new methods conveniently and definitely make your small chocolate factory production super quick.

Chocolate wrapping machine manufacturers like Ammar Machinery focus on this aspect and manufacture regular chocolate wrapping machines, mini chocolate wrapping machines, band chocolate wrapping machines, sheet band chocolate wrapping machines, chocolate bars double wrapping machines and even wrapping paper cutter and slicer, that perfectly suit any small chocolate production factory and enhances its productivity.

Advantages of Chocolate Wrapping Machines

As these chocolate wrapping machines manufacturers are industry experts with all the technical know-how, there are a few advantages & new features that these machines offer:

  • Wrapping variable sizes and pieces of chocolate using a single machine like the regular chocolate wrapping machine.
  • Increase in processing time, as these machines work at high speed and produce up to 135 pieces/minute.
  • Ability to lengthen, shorten and center the chocolate wrapping paper using Servo drive and PLC.
  • A good memory, as these machines can store around 10 different sizes of chocolates, which in turn makes calibration super easy.
  • Comes equipped with a round cutter, which gives all the wrapped chocolates a finished look and eases the production process.
  • Quick and easy mold replacements, thanks to the one axis system
  • 5-year guarantee on these machines make it trustworthy
  • Easy to clean and can be maintained easily over the internet

Along with all of the above advantages, you as a customer and owner of a small chocolate business, get impeccable service and fast implementation of all the machines that you order from Ammar Machinery, which is one of the leading companies in the field of chocolate wrapping machine manufacturing.

The Only Change is Constant

We have long been hearing the above sentence and adapting to these changes, can help small businesses succeed to new heights.

So, reduce the costs and time that you spend on wrapping chocolates, using a manual machine and improve the appearance of your chocolates and increase your sales by getting your small chocolate factory a highly worthful chocolate wrapping machine from one of the top chocolate wrapping machinery manufacturers.


Save Your Cost and Time with The Most Effective Multi Functioning Chocolate Wrapping Machines

Have you Established your own chocolate manufacturing business recently?

If your answer is a yes, then you certainly must have visited a few small factories that use a variety of chocolate wrapping machines like the chocolate foil wrapping machine or the chocolate all paper wrapping machine and wondered if you could benefit from them as well, right?

If not visiting factories, you surely must have at least browsed through the options for a few chocolates wrapping machines for sale from a well-reputed chocolate machine manufacturer.

Multi-Functionality Machines Work the Best

Like mentioned, if you are doing your research and looking for the best chocolate wrapping machine that will fit your small chocolate business like a glove, then here is the good news, you are at the right spot with Ammar Machinery.

Today’s modern world offers a wide variety of wrapped chocolates, to satisfy never-ceasing customer demand. So, as a chocolate producer, one has to always look for chocolate wrapping machines that combine the technology of multi-tasking at high speeds.

Now by multi-tasking, we mean that chocolate wrapping machines like the W-CH200B, are able to do band wrapping where every single piece of chocolate is not only covered accurately with a metallic sheet or aluminum chocolate paper but is also made to look attractive with a well-glued rounded band.

On the other hand, machines like W-CH200 manage to wrap any piece of chocolate is it small, medium, or large, at a speed of 135 pieces/min, with the ability to trim the chocolate wrapping paper as required.

The Benefits That You Gain

When it comes to manufacturing a chocolate wrapping machine, there is extensive research and the latest technical know-how that is integrated into these machines, to make them durable, reliable, and practical for everyday use.

Chocolate industry machine manufacturing experts like Ammar Machinery understand its wide range of customer’s needs, and through years of trust, Ammar Machinery has been able to manufacture highly functional chocolate wrapping machines, that don’t just deliver but also saves you, your precious time and costs.

Moreover, these easy-to-maintain chocolate wrapping machines from Ammar Machinery are available to you within weeks of ordering them and come with a five-year warranty as well. This also allows flexibility and feasibility at the same time.

So, if you are tired of manually wrapping your chocolates and ready to grow your business to the next level and enjoy good returns, then it is a great choice to invest in one of our multiple chocolate wrapping machines for your small chocolate factory.

To get more details about our chocolate wrapping machine for sale and to view samples of the finished products that our machines produce, just visit us at Ammar machinery.

Chocolate Wrapping Machine: a Must Have Machine For Those in The Confectionary Business

Chocolate wrapping machine is a fully automatic machine that helps small chocolate factories in packaging a variety of chocolates and candies.

The growing market for chocolates has made utilizing manual labor difficult and time consuming, while a few economical and reliable chocolate wrapping machines have helped in increasing production and yielded good results.

Demands of Today’s Age and Time are Hard to Meet Without a Chocolate Wrapping Machine and Here’s Why They Are a Must Have for Those in the Confectionary Business.

  1. Budget friendly for small chocolate factories that want to expand their markets and get into automated chocolate packaging.
  2. A single chocolate wrapping machine that has the potential of wrapping chocolates of various shapes and sizes, thus, reducing the cost of investing in multiple machines.
  3. Upgraded using the latest technologies like Servo drive & PLC, that allows the machine to lengthen, shorten or center the chocolate wrapping paper, which is a cumbersome process if done manually.
  4. Machines that are integrated with good memory and can remember up to 10 different sizes of chocolates, for quick production and efficient work flow management.
  5. Smart counter option, that tells you exactly how many pieces of chocolates are packaged per minute.
  6. Easy calibration, quick mold replacements, thanks to the one-axis system.
  7. Ease of cleaning and maintaining the machines, also via the internet.
  8. User friendly chocolate wrapping machines, that come with a 5-yearguarantee and meet all of the latest international standards.

A Few Possible Methods of Wrapping Chocolates

The styles in which chocolates can be packaged to maintain their taste and texture, are multiple.

Here are a few possible ways in which they can be wrapped with chocolate wrapping machines.

  • Band Roll Wrapping

The chocolate is first covered using an aluminum foil, which is then wrapped with a rounded band layer, that is glued into place perfectly with the help of a machine. Works well for both small and large chocolate sizes and can be easily unwrapped.

  • Sheet Band Wrapping

Works great for small chocolate companies that have multiple wrapping paper designs that they would like to print on chocolate sheets, using an economical desktop printer and use those sheets to wrap and then add a band layer to their chocolates. Saves the cost of buying huge chocolate wrapper rolls, that might not suit their brand and adds versatility to chocolate wrappers.

  • Metallic Wrapping

Used for chocolates that are normally packaged using a metallic colored sheet that looks fancy and also has an aluminum coating on the inside to protect the chocolate from melting and other external factors. Mini and small chocolates usually come wrapped in a metallic wrapper.

  • Cellophane Wrapping

Normally used for chocolates that need to be visible to the consumers eye with a brand logo on top of the sealed chocolate. Visible cellophane like foil wrapping is highly economical and mostly used for square shaped chocolates and chocolate bars.

Final note

Chocolate wrapping machines, ensure a presentable packaging option to all kinds of quality chocolates that need to be marketed and sold.

They also can be customized according to your brand’s requirement and come at affordable prices, that reap profits in the long run.

Get you chocolate wrapper machine today from a trusted chocolate wrapper machinery manufacturer.